Prakash is a freelancer offering clients a wide scope of abilities ranging from journalism, editorial, commercial, portraiture and wedding photography. His passion and enthusiasm for photography and his client is what put life in his images .

His photography business is 100 percent digital now and he is thrilled with the quality and effects that digital capture can provide; And so are his clients. Prakash is not listed in the phone book and only gets new clients by word of mouth and making the clients he has happy.

I love what I do and it shows, I am always willing to go that extra step to ensure that each assignment I shoot is a success, Each day brings amazing new moments in life to capture, using my camera as a windows into the soul

My work ranges from the very funky to the classic glamour portraits. My style is unique, I invite you to make an appointment to meet in my studio to discuss your event and my photography, I think you will love what I do:)

Starinnovative imagery is available to shoot Wedding/Corporate events/Glamour/Family Portraits & Parties in the Bay Area and the surrounding suburbs.

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